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The Island of Eternal Spring


Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, closer to Morocco than it is to Portugal, the island of Madeira is a unique part of Portugal with its own history, customs, and food. It is not a touristy beach destination, it is an island full of culture, amazing hiking possibilities, and bountiful flora.

This volcanic island has a wide variety of terrain and elevations which result in different microclimates. From warmer costal zones to crisp and refreshing mountain regions, you can start your day in the clouds and end it seaside with a laurel forest lunch in between.

The whole island of Madeira is a rich, luscious oasis of greenery speckled with gorgeous gardens. On any given day, in any season, in gardens (public or private), small yards, the sides of the streets and roads, the lush nature, you can delight your eyes with the colors of flowering plants, from the four corners of the planet.

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